2SMART UNIQUE IMPLANTCUBE: what people say about it

A very positive feedback from dentists and dental technicians for 2SMART UNIQUE IMPLANTCUBE, the new product marketed by DISPOTECH for dental implantology

Written Thursday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

2SMART UNIQUE IMPLANTCUBE, the new product marketed by DISPOTECH for dental implantology is being met with great interest both in Italy and abroad. Below are what some people said after the presentation to the dental sector.
"We saw the 2SMART UNIQUE IMPLANTCUBE come into being and grow, so we could describe it for hours on end, list the thousand positive characteristics it has and emphasize the advantages it offers the professionals who adopt it. But we would like those, who have been using it for some time or who have just learned about it, to describe why 2SMART UNIQUE IMPLANTCUBE truly represents a new era in the world of implantology,” Giorgio Pedretti, surgeon; he works in maxilla-facial, oral, periodontal surgery and implantology
“At last very practical systems, developed and built by a doctor with extensive knowledge of the subject: a practical system that can solve many cases of disparallel implants. At last a very practical and alternative system to a number of implant problems,” Carlo Borromeo, Dental technician 
“Simple and with great advantages from both the technical and the operative points of view,” Brunello Amedeo, Dental technician

“Very interesting, simple, above all fast and which can solve almost all problems,” Massimo Molteni, Dentist 
“A more innovative and modern system that can solve aesthetic problems that couldn’t be solved yet,” Paolo Lancellotti, Dental technician 
“Clear and simple procedure, very protocolled where almost every possibility of error is reduced. At last ‘something’ new and useful,” Giovanni Malvisi, Dental technician, Laboratorio Carlo Borromeo and Vice President Lombardy Region ANTLO (Italian Association of Dental Laboratory Owners) 

Test 2SMART UNIQUE IMPLANTCUBE now, write to info@2smartimplantcube.it 

Emanuele Mortarotti
Author Emanuele Mortarotti


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