Can ice reduce acne?

Today we talk about facial care and try to answer this question: can ice reduce acne?

Written Friday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

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In several articles we have mentioned the benefits of ice and its many applications as a health remedy. Today we talk about facial care and try to answer this question: can ice reduce acne? To do so, we are availing ourselves of an article published on Enjoy reading!


Cryotherapy not just for athletes: today ice is used in many beauty procedures. Although there is no scientific evidence supporting 100% the use of ice to fight some skin problems, therapies related to the benefits of cold have become very popular.

The results brought by aesthetic therapies based on ice are plenty. Among these: reduction of swelling around the eyes, reduction of skin greasy sensation, relief in response to sunburn, subsequent relief from inflammation and swelling caused by insect bites or skin rash, etc. How to apply ice to your face to see some benefits? Professionals in the beauty sector recommend wrapping ice cubes in a cotton cloth and gently massage the face - never keep the ice in direct contact with the skin! The massage must be performed using circular gestures and may include the forehead, cheeks, nose, lips.


People suffering from acne know how annoying and uncomfortable it can be in everyday life. Well, ice and the effect of cold can work on various problems:

  • reducing inflammation;
  • reducing the greasy sensation often afflicting people with acne;
  • reducing unwanted pores appearing on the skin.


Are you curious to experience ice effects on your skin if you suffer from acne? Try dabbing the skin gently using ice cubes or icepacks always well wrapped in a soft cotton cloth. Remember to change the cloth often, as you could literally "move" bacteria from one side of your face to the other - making the situation worse.


Apart from the simplicity and the absence of chemical and/or skin hazardous products, before trying any ice therapy you should consult your dermatologist or trusted physician, as there are various healing pathways for acne.


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