Cryotherapy helps weight loss

it seems that cryotherapy also helps to lose weight! Let's find out more

Written Tuesday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

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In addition to helping athletes after physical activity (we have already talked about this in this article), it seems that cryotherapy also helps to lose weight! Let's find out more with the support of an article published on


Imagine entering a sort of vertical tanning bed but, instead of experiencing tropical temperatures, being hit by cold air that reaches -240°C.  It’s really an ice bath - but without water and without ice! To many it may sound like torture, but cryotherapy enthusiasts claim that it is invigorating; it also helps alleviate migraines, depression, arthritis and sleeping disorders. And if that is not enough, a session of just 3 minutes can make you burn 800 kcal and more!


Journalist Laura Evans went to Thrive CyroStudio to experience a cryotherapy session. Once entered the "cold chamber" wearing only a pair of gloves, slippers and socks. The equipment filled up immediately with icy steam and the temperature started to drop.

The first minute passed by fairly quickly and without too many complications, says Laura, stating that she was fine. Then the second minute starts, during which the lowest temperature is reached: -241 degrees Celsius, to be exact. “All the blood is pulled from your peripheral system to your internal organs to protect you from hypothermia," says the practice owner. "While the blood is circulating between the heart, kidneys and liver, it is enriched with oxygen enzymes and nutrients - all in just 3 minutes.”

Once out of the "vertical bed", Laura sensed the blood flow coming back into circulation. This "enriched" blood seems to help and fight inflammation; it helps the recovery of the body after exertion and reduces pain.


However, FDA claims that none of the benefits described above have been scientifically proven. These same devices used for cryotherapy are currently under study.

But what happens to the body during cryotherapy? FDA Dr. Anna Ghambaryan says: “We still don't know exactly what happens during those very seconds. There is not enough scientific documentation to give us certainty and help us answer these questions.

FDA also warns those who commonly practice cryotherapy that there are risks of hypothermia and asphyxia. Also, the practice is absolutely not recommended for those with heart conditions or during pregnancy! If you would like to try cryotherapy, the best advice is always to consult a doctor first.


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