Digital evolution in the medical device sector (pt.1/2)

Today’s article deals with technology applied to the mass production of medical devices

Written Thursday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

It is superfluous writing about how technology has changed life. But it is definitely not superfluous to say that an even greater use of scientific innovations could lead to a true change in the medical sector. Experts in that field declare that application of digital processes can bring numerous benefits and progress to the construction of medical devices. In DispotechSrl too, we dedicate great importance to research and development, contributing to innovation in the field of medical devices. Nowadays, the manufacturers of machines used in medical fields come up against considerable difficulties, considering the bureaucratic obstacles linked to the complex regulations surrounding the safety standards those machines have to achieve, obligatorily. However, sector entrepreneurs hope to reach a compromise that can balance the best construction techniques with directives and regulations (which vary from state to state) present in the medical device sector industry.


Transformation needed

To keep in step with the demands made by legal subjects, the medical device industry has to change from the inside. The change in question is digitalization: considering all the technological development that has transformed other industrial sectors and applying it to the medical device production process.

A similar metamorphosis took place in the pharmaceutical sector. The result was full modernisation of the productive infrastructure of medicinal products, from manufacturing to packaging right down to distribution to patients. If medical sector device manufacturers moved closer to a similar approach, a true revolution would start in this field. Including significant simplification to achieve the qualitative goals required by law.

This point of view can help understand what kind of impact would be had through greater use of technology on the production processes of medical devices, without neglecting safety standards required.


Bye bye paper!

Till now, the medical device industry has relied on “offline” paper catalogues. But that type of catalogue belongs to the past; as does the manual maintenance of machinery. All useful information is now digital. Data can be checked and updated in real time. Device manufacturers can track their products if there are any problems and correct anomalies straight away, fast and efficiently.

With all production data at hand, any information can be searched for in the system. It will be like having Google on each device! Digital transformation will enable us to check the historical data of all actions performed by the machine. It will be possible to check who made changes, results generated and collect data useful for the manufacturer to modify newer equipment and conduct market surveys.


A starting point for “cleaning” data

Transferring data from a paper to a digital format will also enable it to be cleaned, eliminating what is superfluous and organizing useful data better.

If you are faced with an unending pile of paper documents, looking for a specific document can be decidedly complicated. Some companies have not carried out any data cleaning operations since 2000, year of the famousMillennium Bug. With digital transformation eyeing data storage on machines it will be easier to intervene and modify it before it creates any problems.

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Emanuele Mortarotti
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