Digital evolution in the medical device sector (pt.2/2)

Our analysis of digital transformation in the medical device sector continues

Written Thursday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

Welcome back to the Dispotech blog! Today we are providing the second and last part of the article started last week, on digital technology applied to mass production of medical devices. Enjoy reading!


A new approach to guarantee quality.

Despite all innovations existing nowadays in quality control, the number of recalls is increasing. A recent article published by Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry (MDDI) reports that in 2016 the medical device industry recorded the highest number of recalls for malfunctioning devices since 2000.

After digital transformation, the best guarantee of quality will be ensured by using the right technologies for each step in the production process. In order to ensure that each stage has been completed correctly. By “right technologies” we mean, for example, storage systems that facilitate the transaction from paper to digital, ensure the transparency and traceability needed for all information desired.


From fragmented systems…to a single solution.

Having talked about the advantages of digitalization of medical devices, we now need to talk about implementing it. Applying these changes is not that easy because of templates and other systems that cannot be modified as we please. Considering the future of these devices, our most trusted allies will be barcodes and/or digital identifiers which, with just a few clicks, will tell us what we want to know.

Everything is connected in the digital world. There are no isolated systems or do-it-yourself solutions. More than modifying templates or existing systems, IT companies help develop the organisation of data through new processes and a renewed optimisation of times. Then these devices will be used in the medical field. So it will be really easy for an operator to obtain useful data and show it to colleagues or patients themselves straight away. The main target is to eliminate distance between operator and patient making devices increasingly more user-friendly.


When converting to digital… is worth it!

Having considered the example discussed in these two articles, it is clear that digitalization can offer medical device manufacturers better management of both their maintenance and data contained in them. The huge potential of improvements brought by digitalisation can then be extended to other aspects of production. For example, in the future a medical device could perform several tests at the same time, or suggest diagnoses to the user; or recommend supplementary diagnostic analyses/tests to the one performed by the device being used. A device could become a precious ally, almost a colleague Thanks to technological progress, we can truly say that everything, in a not too distant future, could be possible.

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Emanuele Mortarotti
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