DISPO SHEET, the protective sheets for examination tables

Sheets on a roll for medical, sports and your brand sectors

Written Tuesday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

Dispotech has designed and produces Dispo SHEET protective sheets for examination tables. Ideal for medical examinations, they are precut and composed of 1 ply pure cellulose tissue, extremely absorbent, coupled to a layer of absolutely impermeable polythene. Coupling polythene to the paper tissue guarantees excellent strength, impermeability and comfort for the patient.
The precut system is made to measure. Dispotech provides these sheets in practical rolls. Dispo SHEET medical sheets can also be customised, both in terms of the weight and colour of the tissue, and the thickness of the polythene (in microns). Dispotech rolls of disposable sheets are used in the medical, dental, sports and your brand sectors.
Dispo SHEET is a Class I medical device, and can be personalised with continuous printing in up to 3 colours.

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Emanuele Mortarotti
Author Emanuele Mortarotti


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