Dispotech at AMICI di BRUGG with 2SMART UNIQUE IMPLANTCUBE and the M.A.C. patented prosthetic system

For the 58th Amici di Brugg Conference in Rimini, Dispotech – in close association with Advanced Medical Technology (AMT) – will officially introduce 2SMART UNIQUE IMPLANTCUBE and the MAC® (Multiple Angle Connection) patented prosthetic system to the Italian implant sector

Written Friday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

After the international success reaped at the IDS International Dental Show 2015 in Cologne, Dispotech - in close association with Advanced Medical Technology (AMT) - will officially introduce 2SMART UNIQUE IMPLANTCUBE, the new dental implant brand, and the one of a kind M.A.C.® (Multiple Angle Connection) patented prosthetic system, to the Italian market.

The 58th Amici di Brugg Conference (Rimini, 21-23 May 2015) will be a chance for orthodontists and prosthodontists to preview the latest in dental implants: the 2SMART UNIQUE IMPLANTCUBE implant line, an innovative technology that perfectly adapts to different clinical cases and types of patients, fully reliable, practical and easy to manage, and the prosthetic line with the M.A.C.® (Multiple Angle Connection) patented system, the CAD CAM prosthetic system.

Want to learn more? Get your brochure and technical details here: info@2smartimplantcube.it

2SMART Unique Implant Cube is available in Italy and abroad by contacting Dispotech, Your Disposable Excellence

Emanuele Mortarotti
Author Emanuele Mortarotti


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