Dispotech at Medica 2017 amongst confirmations and new developments

This year Dispotech confirmed its participation at the International Trade Fair of Medicine and Medical Technology.

Written Thursday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

After three intense and interesting days, the International Trade Fair of Medicine and Medical Technology held in Düsseldorf, Germany, ended on November 16.

We of Dispotech were also there to meet new customers and present our products to an international public. Specialised in the production of disposable products for the medical, dental, pharmaceutical, sports, large scale retail and personal care sectors, our company could certainly not miss one of the industry’s most important events.

The most important products launched this year and presented at the trade fair regarded alternating hot/cold products: reusable hot/cold gel packs, instant ice packs, instant heat packs and ice spray for the sports sector, as well as freeze spray for the dental sector.

Emanuele Mortarotti, Dispotech Sales & Marketing Manager, is convinced that it is “important to consolidate the European market and increase awareness of the advantages of instant ice packs, the entire hot/cold range and the countless varieties of personalised products, in addition to presenting them to extra-European countries that do not use them or are not familiar with them, such as Canada, South Africa and Oceania”.

Medica 2017 was also a springboard for our new project: it consists of a line conceived for senior citizens, including various disposable products in non-woven fabric and the brand new disposable bibs with pocket, the latter being the latest development from the Dispotech Research and Development Department.

Massimo Mortarotti, founder and General Manager of Dispotech together with Renato Della Bella, Plant Technical Manager, in charge of designing and developing new technologies, presented their latest “effort”: a machine able to produce the above disposable bibs, transformed in concept and appearance.

Coupled hot, using no glue, making them eco-friendly, the new Dispotech disposable bibs feature a notably increased absorbency, thanks to the revolutionary embossing technique which retains greater quantities of liquids. But these are not the only aspects that make our bib a valid and indispensable product: thanks to our new machinery, the bib proves to be longer and wider than the standard bib with pocket; what’s more, owing to the new folding system, the bib is smaller and easier to handle and use for professionals in the medical-healthcare and senior citizens sectors.

This revolutionary machine, the “success story” of our plant in Gordona (SO), has been operating since the beginning of 2017, and has led the way in the production of various disposable products used in other sectors (e.g. sports, dental and hotel industries) with infinite possibilities for personalised products

Attentiveness to research, staying abreast of the times and attention to detail make Dispotech one of the most qualified manufacturers and distributors in the disposable products sector, as well as one of the companies most motivated in promoting outstanding products made in Italy.

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Emanuele Mortarotti
Author Emanuele Mortarotti


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