Dispotech for the elderly

Dispotech offers a disposable products for the elderly

Written Thursday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

Dispotech designs and produces a disposable products for the elderly, for both patients as well as healthcare technicians in Residential Care.

They include: DISPO BIBS WITH POCKET, the capes or bibs with special pockets made of pure cellulose tissue which is highly absorbent coupled with highly waterproof polythene. Soft and comfortable, they offer excellent protection for patients. They are ideal for use during meals. Other products include DISPO WASH GLOVES, the disposable gloves made of special NWF are perfect for soaping and rinsing patients. Extremely gentle in contact with the skin.
DISPO WASH GLOVES are also made in dry paper which is greatly absorbent and resistant or in microfibre which is perfect for soaping and rinsing patients as well as offering a pleasant massage that eliminates the skin’s dead cells. There is also: DISPO SHEET, the protective sheets in rolls for examination tables, precut and composed of an extremely absorbent single-ply of tissue and another sheet of absolutely impermeable polythene; DISPO DRAPES, the folded disposable sheets for drying patients after washing, available in two different versions in dry paper and spunlace; DISPO TOWEL, the perfect towels for drying patients’ bodies available in non-woven fabric with viscose blend and in microfibre.

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Emanuele Mortarotti
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