Haemostatic sponges, Dispo CUTANPLAST

Dispotech now supplies haemostatic sponges, Dispo CUTANPLAST

Written Tuesday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

Dispotech now supplies haemostatic sponges, Dispo CUTANPLAST. Dispo CUTANPLAST are spongy cubes of haemostatic, sterile, pork gelatine specifically designed for the dental sector. The perfectly re-absorbable haemostatic sponges are generally used to help cicatrization after extractions or surgery. Guaranteed by Dispotech, the CUTANPLAST haemostatic sponges are only marketed outside Italy.
Dispo CUTANPLAST is a Class III medical device.

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Emanuele Mortarotti
Author Emanuele Mortarotti


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