Ice and managing sports injuries

In today’s blog from Dispotech, your disposable excellence, we look at using ice for managing sports injuries

Written Friday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

In today’s blog from Dispotech, your disposable excellence, we look at using ice for managing sports injuries. To do so, we are availing of an article on Happy reading!

All of us —sporty or not —have used ice at least once to treat injury or pain following physical exertion. Many think that ice predominately serves to reduce swelling yet there is actually not much scientific evidence to support this. We have already talked about the topic on the Dispotech blog and you can find more information about it in this article.

The characteristics of inflammation are:


  • It protects the body from attacks from unknown factors
  • It promotes tissue regeneration.


Swelling is not synonymous with inflammation —it is rather a symptom resulting from ongoing inflammation within the body. Yet, prolonged swelling can slow down blood circulation in the area affected by the swelling and have adverse health effects.

It should be emphasised that whilst swelling is part of the healing process itself, medical advice should be sought in cases of long-lasting swelling, with the patient to undergo specific tests if necessary.


Many sports people use ice due to its pain-relieving properties. However, it should be kept in mind that ice and cold should not be kept on an aching body part for too long. The recommended timing is 5 to a maximum of 10 minutes, followed by a recommended break. The ideal temperature to be respected, according to scientific studies, would be between 10° C and 15° C. If necessary, cooling of the painful area can be repeated only after allowing some time to pass.

For this therapy, gel packs or sprays—commonly used by athletes⁠—can help but always with caution and awareness. So be careful! Did you know that, if used incorrectly, ice can cause burns just like heat? In this Dispotech blog post, we offer some advice to prevent this.


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