icepack and hot pack: when to use them?

Many people do not know when it is more appropriate to apply an icepack or a hot pack

Written Friday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

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In our blog we have often talked about the benefits of hot and cold. Many people, however, do not know when it is more appropriate to apply an icepack or a hot pack: let’s make it clear by talking about it in this article, with the support of a news piece published on

Ice - hence the application of an icepack - is usually used in the presence of swelling, acute pain and inflammation. The use of cold therapy is especially effective if administered immediately after an accident. An icepack or cold treatment is also indicated as a relief after particularly painful exercise sessions or as a way to help you combat joint inflammation. If you don't have an icepack, think about what you have at home: even a bottle of iced water wrapped in a towel or soft cloth will do; another alternative would be a bag containing ice cubes.


Hot packs and, in general, heat sources are used when pain is affecting the muscles. It is perfect for alleviating cramps and persistent pain, heat is also indicated for back and neck pain relief. Heat contributes to increasing the speed of blood flow to painful areas: this is why it is recommended to switch to "heat therapy" a few days after having used cold therapy. Heat could in fact increase the swelling of the area affected by the accident, causing further damage. If you don’t have a professional icepack you can simply prepare a hot water bottle.

Whether you use an icepack or a hot pack, there is a fixed rule which applies to both: always protect your skin! Never use either of them without wrapping them in a soft cloth or towel.

If you have any doubts or want to know more about ice packs, hot packs and the benefits of cold and heat, talk with your doctor about it: it is better to be informed in advance about the pros and cons of these "natural" remedies before applying them.

Did you know the correct use of ice packs and hot packs? Let us know how you use them and what you think, contact Dispotech!

Emanuele Mortarotti
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