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Production start-up for a new machine manufacturing bibs with pockets (and that’s not all)

Written Monday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

2017 began in style for Dispotech. The Research & Development division - always in the forefront for the company’s successes and qualifying its disposable products on the market in the medical, dental, pharmaceutical, promotional, sports and Large-scale retail sectors - has officially launched production of the bibs with pockets using a machine specifically designed and fine-tuned by Massimo Mortarotti, Founder and  General Manager of Dispotech and Renato Della Bella, Technical manager of the plant and of the design and fine-tuning of new technologies to optimise productivity, facilitating implementation timing for  Dispotech disposable products.
“At the beginning of the year we started producing bibs with pockets with the new Dispotech machine. This disposable product -  already present in the Dispotech range – is now being launched completely renewed: the bib is coupled hot, using no glue, to make this product ecologically compatible. And there’s more. The Dispotech R & D division has optimised the bibs’ absorbent capacity with a new embossing system which - thanks to ad hoc hollows - withholds a greater quantity of liquid. The only system of its kind on the market” declares Renato Della Bella.
And the benefits of this new machine producing bibs with pockets does not stop here. Thanks to this project, lasting over 14 months, this technology can manufacture bibs with pockets in different sizes based on single Client needs. “This machine’s versatility enables us to produce a disposable product that is longer and/or narrower than the bib with standard pocket: for example, length at either both 100mm and 130mm (now first on the market) while width can vary from 360 to 450 mm, against a maximum currently available on the market of 400mm. What’s more, above 400mm, the bib with pocket is folded to be less cumbersome and be easier to manage for operators and professionals working in the dental and Third age” sectors” specifies Renato Della Bella.
“And you have benefits at production level too: we estimate a capacity of up to 80m a minute, thus 2.5 bibs with pocket per second” comments Emanuele Mortarotti, Marketing & Sales Manager of Dispotech.
After a pilot production period, this new machine making Dispotech bibs with pockets, thanks to its modular block cutting die and applicators, creates new production prospects for multiple disposable products - like flat towels (up to 700mm x 700mm) - increasing the personalisation capacity in other sectors like the medical, sports, hotel and dental industries.

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Emanuele Mortarotti
Author Emanuele Mortarotti


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