Is Amazon entering the market of medical equipment?

News from overseas takes for granted that the American industrial giant of e-commerce is entering the medical device business.

Written Friday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

Today, we would like to share an interesting analysis by Becker’s Hospital Review dedicated to the future of commercialisation of medical devices.

It seems that Amazon, the industrial giant of e-commerce, now wants to enter it, opening up new prospects for this sector.

Certainly it is a big change – at least in intentions – in a market where quality will continuously be the factor that differentiates distributors. In particular in disposable medical or dental products, in which Dispotech specialises, the difference between those who produce and sell excellent products and those who resell any and all kinds…will be clear for everyone to see!

So what is the news?

While in the medical industry, voices of Amazon’s possible entry as a competitor in the pharmaceutical sector are becoming increasingly louder, there are those who sustain that, in reality, the United States corporation would be interested in a future production and sales of medical devices.

As reported by the American broadcasting channel CNBC and The St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper just days ago, it seems that Amazon has obtained a license for wholesale distribution in a dozen of countries, fuelling rumours regarding an imminent start-up of mass production of medical equipment.

Furthermore, analyst David Maris maintains that the domain which belongs to the Amazon Legal Department, is properly registered and ready to use. That Amazon is interested in this sector is highly probable considering its recent launch of a B2B web page dedicated to medical equipment on the internet. It almost seems as if we anticipated this trend with our PERFECTO portal dedicated to disposable products for the dental industry (

In the text of the license Amazon obtained in the state of Nevada, there are several specifications: one of these regards the decision to not deal with, in any way whatsoever, the so-called “controller substances”, or rather, those pharmaceuticals that can be prescribed and sold to the public only in exceptional cases (e.g. marijuana used for therapeutic purposes) and moreover, only after receiving the attentive and strict authorisation of the United States government.

For experts in the field, this stance is more than meaningful: the decision to not distribute any of these pharmaceuticals is synonymous with a lack of interest towards being at the forefront of producing and distributing these pharmaceuticals.

On its behalf, Amazon neither confirms nor denies (for the time being) any of these speculations reported by the American media.

The importance of this situation for all our distributor customers is in our opinion, quite simple: to have a strategy that differentiates your service, support, suggestions and the ability to allow customers to distinguish and acknowledge your quality.

This is indeed no small challenge. However, should you have any doubts after reading this article, contact Dispotech, Your Disposable Excellence.

Emanuele Mortarotti
Author Emanuele Mortarotti


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