Knee pain while sleeping and remedies

Today we talk about joint pains that can occur during the night and how can they be alleviated.

Written Tuesday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

Welcome to a new appointment with Dispotech’s blog news, your disposable excellence. Today we talk about joint pains that can occur during the night and how can they be alleviated. This is a problem that strikes especially when getting older. Potentially, we could all suffer from it: how to cure this annoying pain? Let's find out thanks to an article published on


Take a hot bath before going to sleep.

Contact with hot water can be a real panacea. Take a nice hot bath before going to bed: this will help the circulation, reduce inflammation and swelling, and lessen the pain.


Find a comfortable sleeping position.

A comfortable sleeping position definitely helps to reduce joint pains and prevent its occurrence. To help the aching parts, you can use a pillow for support: if you sleep on your side, place the pillow between your knees. If you lie on your back, put the pillow under your legs.


Use an icepack or a hotpack.

To alleviate knee pain or to reduce swelling, you can also use an icepack or coldpack. Heat or cool the device and place it on your knees just before going to sleep and for about 20 minutes.


Keep physically fit.

Excessive weight can undoubtedly worsen knee pain or cause swelling problems. A good advice is to definitely embrace a healthy lifestyle, lose weight (if you are overweight), exercise to reduce “pressure" on the joints subjected to swelling and pain at night. Exercises like light jogging, swimming, elliptical machines can greatly help.


Create a daily routine of good habits.

There are still some habits one can adopt to slowly eliminate joint pain and swelling. Among these, we would like to suggest: avoiding lifting or carrying excessive weights, doing a light stretching during the day, wearing the right shoes for your feet, resting your knees several times during the day.


Have you ever had these problems? Have you adopted some strategies or have you consulted a physician to advise you on what to do? Let us know your opinion by contacting Dispotech.

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