M.A.C.® System presentation video

This is the M.A.C.® System presentation video at Amici di Brugg 2015

Written Monday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

Great success for the new prosthetic line patented M.A.C.® System at Amici di Brugg 2015! M.A.C.® 

System (Multiple Angle Connection) is a CAD CAM prosthetic system unique in the world, indispensable in 

the most complex cases of angle variation compared to the implant axis. The M.A.C.® System (Multiple 

Angle Connection) is able to modify any angle discrepancies between the surgically positioned implants in 

dental arches and the prosthetic structure above. M.A.C. technology corrects all implant inclination planes 

without angle limitations allowing the prosthetic fixing screw insert hole to be moved from the aesthetic 

vestibular surface to the lingual or palatal surface of the non-visible tooth (therefore a non-aesthetic 

surface). M.A.C.® System has been designed and fine-tuned by AMT - Advanced Medical technology - and 

is available on the market from DISPOTECH. 

Would you like to know more? Watch the video 

For further information info@dispotech.it

Emanuele Mortarotti
Author Emanuele Mortarotti


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