Medica 2018: Dispotech’s report!

The latest news on the medical sector from the most important fair in Europe.

Written Tuesday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

On 15 November, after three intense and interesting days, the International Fair of Medicine and Hospital Technology took place in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Dispotech were also there to meet new customers and present our products to an international audience. Our company, specialized in the production of disposable products for the medical, dental, pharmaceutical, sports, retail and personal care sectors, could certainly not miss one of the most important events in the sector.

What were the news of Medica 2018?

During the four days of the fair over 120,000 visitors from over 155 countries took part in the most international edition ever, from 12 to 15 November 5.273 exhibitors from 66 different countries brought their products.

The trend of the event was the digital transformation instead of the development of new expensive hardware. Following this trend a lot of companies tryed to find new solutions and applications of digital potential in the medical sector.

Among the innovative products presented are a smartphone equipped with an ophthalmoscopic system capable of looking at the retina and the inside of the eye, a patch able, through blue and red LED lights, to stimulate and monitor the healing process of the wounds and an app for mobile devices, based on artificial intelligence, able to recognize cardiac arrhythmias by scanning the fingerprint on the camera of the device.

What did Dispotech introduce at Medica 2018?

Following the trend of digital innovation this year we have tried to introduce a presentation of the Dispotech products that allowed people to understand deeply the products they have found in our stand.

We have made augmented reality video for our products with the purpose of intriguing the visitor, take an interest in our reality and show the uniqueness of our products.

We have bet on offering to our visitors a purchase experience and not just the classic catalog of paper products. The final purpose was to show them quality, attention to details that make our products unique and always try to be the excellence in the field of disposable products and enhance our made in Italy production.

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Emanuele Mortarotti
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