Medica 2019 –Dispotech talks about its experience

The latest developments in the medical field from the Medica trade fair, Europe’s most important.

Written Wednesday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

After three intense and interesting days, the International Trade Fair of Medicine and Hospital Technology, which took place in Düsseldorf, Germany, ended on November 21st.

We at Dispotech also attended in order to meet new customers and present our outstanding disposable products dedicated to the medical sector and to a decidedly international public. Our report follows below.

What are the latest developments from Medica 2019?

Medica, in Düsseldorf, from November 18-21, 2019 brought together over 5000 exhibitors from 70 countries in 17 pavilions. More than 120,000 visitors attended with 68% from Europe and 32% from other countries (Asia 59%, America 25%, Africa 14% and Australia 2%).

The trend of the event was using and applying new digital tools and creating apps for medical usage, in particular those that are able to monitor patients remotely with new IOT technologies.

We have before us a digital transformation process that has led many companies, including over 50 start-ups, to try to diffuse their new ideas on using digital media.

Of the innovative products that were presented, AR glasses for surgery were in the spotlight. They allow surgeons to better concentrate on all aspects of an operation (Virtual Surgical Intelligence). Likewise for using AI for analysing data from radiographs and monitoring systems, thanks to which physicians are able to better synthesize data and make more accurate diagnoses.

What did Dispotech present at Medica 2019?

This year we presented Dispotech products with a new design, giving our line of ice products a newer and more modern look. Together with the new products, we also presented a new elegant white catalogue, which brings them all together in perfect Italian style and excellence.

For some of our main products, videos were shown in augmented reality in order to capture the attention of visitors, interest them in our company and show the uniqueness of our products.

We concentrated on offering our potential customers a purchasing experience and not simply a classic printed catalogue of products. This allows them to assess our main quality as accurately as possible: the attention to detail that distinguishes our products, in order to always excel in the disposable sector and to promote our Italian-made production.

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Emanuele Mortarotti
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