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Very soon It will be possible to check medical device problems with mobile app

Written Monday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

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If the Indian medicines regulatory authorities plan passes all planned stages, users will soon be able to report incidents and/or other problems caused by medical devices to the relevant authorities, via a smartphone App. This application will also contain a list of security information and will notify the user if a specific product has been recalled by the authorities.

This decision was taken, following the latest investigations by an 11-member committee, regarding defective hip implants, sold by the world’s renowned pharmaceutical corporation, Johnson and Johnson (J&J).

DCGI, Drugs Controller General of India, has made it known, through its spokespersons, that the benefits of a risk assessment of medical products, could be the turning point to improve the health of the population. Such innovation "will enable the regulatory bodies to intervene immediately on critical issues and rectify them promptly".

It has been estimated, that approximately 4,700 surgical procedures have been completed using defective J&J hip implants. Among all patients, only 882 were identified. The minimum compensation for the people involved in these cases of medical malpractice starts from 2 million rupees (about 24 thousand euros): a very small amount, if we think of the maxi compensation for medical malpractice recognized (for example) in our country, but really huge for an Indian citizen.

India, however, is not the only country where the market for these medical implants has been swept away by scandals resulting from the substandard quality of materials. Thanks to the application mentioned at the beginning of this article, both patients and healthcare professionals will be able to report malfunctions and problems with medical devices. According to DCGI, all the feedback will create a new culture of transparency that can be instilled in everyone, safeguarding the safety of patients at the same time.

What do you think of this innovation? Can it really be useful to report errors or cases of medical malpractice? Let us know your opinion by contacting Dispotech, your disposable excellence.

Emanuele Mortarotti
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