Organic drugs stimulate the innovation of medical devices

The use of polycarbonate ensures durability, quality and even a touch of aesthetics regarding the production of wearable medical devices, dedicated to administrating drugs through implants or controlled release systems.

Written Wednesday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

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Today we will be speaking about an interesting and powerfully expanding subject. Indeed, one of the fastest growing sectors in the pharmaceutical world is that of organic drugs. Derived from microorganisms, plants or animal cells, organic medicines are often used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, diabetes and many other syndromes. These medicines are injected or given by intravenous infusion to patients - a process that requires visits to equipped hospital facilities.

To address these challenges, medical devices were invented (one in particular, Enable Injections, the most high tech and high performing) which, contacting the patient’s body, are able to regulate and administer medicines for specific therapies. The Enable device, for example, uses state of the art materials such as polycarbonate and employs a special data transfer system that allows patients to transfer organic medicines from the original packaging to the on-body device.

Sterilizable (for the most part), biocompatible, heat resistant, stable and resistant, these medical devices are carefully designed and built to be durable. The above medical devices must have these characteristics because, as Lauren Zetts, marketing manager of Covestro LLC - a company that produces polycarbonate used for producing the medical devices of which we are speaking - sustains, "organic medicines have a high ‘sensitivity’ rate and the materials selected and designed to ‘deliver’ medicine to the human body are essential for safeguarding patient health. At Covestro, we are constantly concerned with studying and offering our customers the best possible materials to create devices that can improve the health conditions of millions of patients throughout the world. This is our company mission and we are proud to be a standard of excellence for medical device manufacturers who have been choosing us for years and trust us ".

Emanuele Mortarotti
Author Emanuele Mortarotti


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