Seniors? You simply cannot do without the disposable pocketed bibs, Dispotech DISPO BIBS WITH POCKET

Dispotech has specifically designed a machined for the purpose of producing disposable pocketed bibs, DISPO Bibs With Pocket dedicated to seniors

Written Tuesday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

Thanks to the tenacity of its Research and Development Dispotech, the company has specifically created a Dispotech machine capable of producing disposable bibs with a specific, ready-to-use pocket, DISPO Bibs With Pocket. Studied and developed exclusively for use within the senior community, DISPO Bibs With Pocket can also be utilized in the medical, dental, mass retail, and wider personal care sectors, like in assisted living centers.

The machine has been designed and produced by Massimo Mortarotti, Founder and General Manager of Dispotech and Renato Della Bella, Technical manager of the plant and of the design and fine-tuning of new technologies to optimise productivity, facilitating implementation timing for  Dispotech disposable products.

DISPO Bibs With Pocket, the ready-to-use, folded disposable bibs with a specific pocket, are made from 1 pure cellulose tissue and 1 polyethylene one.

The disposable bibs DISPO Bibs With Pocket are a Class I surgical device and guarantee the perfect adhesion of the bib and its straps and are characterized by great absorbency and impermeability.

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This disposable item is available for all distributors in Italy and abroad: simply contact Dispotech, Your Disposable Excellence.

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Emanuele Mortarotti
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