South Korea will invest in robotics and AI

South Korea has decided to invest heavily in the development of new generation medical devices using robotics and artificial intelligence.

Written Wednesday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

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It seems, in fact, that a few weeks agothe South Korean government launched a new initiative to accelerate the development of new generation medical devices that use Artificial Intelligenceand robotics.

As part of the initiative, the Ministry of Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies, together with the Ministry for Food and Pharmaceutical Control and the Ministry of Health and Welfare will allocate 42 billion won (about $36.97 million) to 9 research teams over 5 years. Each team will work on developing globally competitive products that fall into the categories of implantable medical devices equipped with AI, intelligent disease/therapy diagnostics, robotic medical systems equipped with AI.

The government initiative aims to pool funds from each ministry and streamline the process of developing medical devices from their conception to their introduction on the market.

The Ministry of Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies will oversee research and technological development processes, while the Ministry of Industry will support initial prototypes and business procedures for the development of life-saving equipment.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health will support the planning of clinical trials. The State Pharmaceutical Agency, the body responsible for approving new medical devices, will support the procedures for authorising these instruments on the market.

"The global medical device sector, has undergone a profound transformation and incredible growth in recent years - more than 5% to be precise - convincing the government to invest and believe more and more in this sector," say the heads of Ministry of Science and Information and Communication Technologies. "However, there have been complaints that funding has been divided between several ministries and that the steps involved in the process of developing medical devices are disconnected from each other - to the detriment of effectiveness.

Thanks to this system, different ministries can prepare in advance the approval and assurance of guidelines for a new "generation" of medical devices technologies. By doing so, approvals could be obtained without delay caused by a previous legal loophole.

All nine medical devices  selected for development are new generation existing devices, that have implemented elements of robotics and/or Artificial Intelligence with the aim of improving or building from scratch their original functions.

Looking to the future with hope, we can say that the four South Korean ministries are working to integrate the development of independent medical devices in order to improve living conditions and health throughout the country.

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