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Today we're discussing an interesting topic: technologies to manage patients at a distance

Written Friday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

Welcome back to the Dispotech blog, your disposable excellence. Today we're discussing an interesting topic: technologies to manage patients at a distance. Utopia or near reality?

Crowded emergency rooms, chaotic corridors, long waiting lists for visits and examinations are just some of the most common problems that weigh on hospitals and the staff who work there every day. We all know what it feels like to wait for a doctor's visit. Well, the Israeli company G Medical Innovation (which deals with digital health) aims to make the opposite happen!

Let's find out in detail what it is thanks to the support of a news that appeared for the first time on


"Our goal for 2019 is to add a series of chemical tests in the same medical device, so as to have electro-physiological, physiological, glycemic, and other results," the company spokesmen said.

The product is called G Medical Patch: an innovative solution to monitor the health status of patients. Applied to patients' chests, this patch is able to control a wide range of vital signs 24 hours a day. By enabling uninterrupted monitoring, patients will have a home stay, thus freeing beds in the hospital - beds that can be occupied by other sick people in need of care. This system significantly reduces hospital ward crowding - in addition to personnel costs.


The Israeli device has received the approval of the American FDA and the EC; is waiting for the OK from China, to begin expansion and marketing also in the East.

"China is a market that we focus more on than the US, and this for a variety of reasons. The main one? China is an extremely vast territory and many people do not have the possibility of reaching a hospital facility, unless they travel for many hours. Now imagine being sick and having to find a hospital, or a doctor, and not be able to do it in a short space of time. Chinese users could, thanks to our revolutionary patch, be monitored by skilled operators and be alerted in case of need for checks or probable dangers. They would therefore have plenty of time to travel and reach a hospital ”.

The company continues its growth, quoting itself on the American stock exchange and dreaming of becoming a game changer also in Hong Kong. Surely we will hear more about this ambitious company!


What do you think of this medical device? Do you believe that patients could manage it? Tell us what you think, contact the Dispotech team.

Emanuele Mortarotti
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