The benefits of ice for athletes

Today we will continue speaking about the benefits of ice and the possibility of using it as an element for lessening pain and bringing relief.

Written Friday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

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Athletes use ice in large quantities: speaking of which, who better than an ice hockey blog to tell us about the advantages of this element? Thanks to an article published on the NHL website, we will discover new aspects on cold therapy (and compare it with the one using heat!) in sports contexts.

Heat therapy and cold therapy are truly accessible to everyone; these solutions help our bodies recover from inflammation and swelling. Even if you have no physical problems, both of these remedies can be used to make you feel good and train better!

Cold therapy

Ice packs and ice bags are two of the quickest most efficient remedies to help our bodies "reset" and give relief to aching areas. Everybody has an ice bag on hand (or can easily recreate one with frozen food in the freezer): if you want to use this therapy in a more "powerful" way, consider a few sessions of cryotherapy - very frequent amongst athletes - as well as a quick dive into a tub of ice - something you can recreate in your own home.

So when should we resort to the benefits of using ice?

  • After intense physical exercise;
  • after aches and cramps caused by physical activity;
  • if you realise you have swelling, inflammation, muscles spasms.

After a hard workout, ice is your best ally for relieving aching muscles.

For the really curious ones of you, let’s make a quick comparison with heat therapies and see how they work! Heat helps the body in a way that is different from cold: it acts as if it is a "lubricant" for blood flow and joints. Warming up the body is an excellent way to get back on track, but also for warming up and being quick off the mark before physical activity.

In conclusion, we can undoubtedly say that both cold as well as heat therapy are a great way to start up the energy recovery process and can help our bodies recover their full potential!

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Emanuele Mortarotti
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