The importance of exercising in adulthood

Today we talk about physical activity and its importance in the lives of adults: how important is it?

Written Thursday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

Welcome back on the blog Dispotech, your disposable excellence. Today we talk about physical activity and its importance in the lives of adults: how important is it? And what impact does it have on people' health? We are talking about it, thanks to an article published on


Why is it so important to be physically active even at an older age? Exercising is an excellent way to protect yourself from many diseases and health problems that usually manifest themselves in later life and can seriously compromise your health: we are talking about heart problems, heart attack, type 2 diabetes, cancer, mental problems.

Those who exercise regularly, live longer than those who don't and have better quality of life, better mobility, longer life expectancy and total self-sufficiency.

What advice and recommendations are there for older people deciding to exercise? Today, experts recommend a maximum of 150 minutes per week of moderately intense exercise, or 75 minutes per week of intense exercise - with adequate breaks between exercises. Any physical activity aimed at improving muscle mass should be done at least twice a week; Furthermore, people who are at risk of falling should do balance and coordination exercises at least twice weekly.

Finally, all people in later life should reduce their sedentary hours as much as possible.


Thanks to latest research, regarding health for the elderly, it was discovered that the association between physical exercise and reduced risk of contracting diseases is evident and that appropriate physical exercise actually increases life expectancy. These results suggest that physical exercise is essential, even if done lightly and for less than 150 minutes per week. It is also true, however, that the best benefits are those obtained from the most vigorous activities - but they might prove to be more challenging for an older person to perform.


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Emanuele Mortarotti
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