The new Perfecto section is on-line!

The new section dedicated to the Perfecto line is on-line on

Written Tuesday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

The new section dedicated to the Perfecto, Dispotech Dental Excellence line, synonym of high quality for all Dispotech disposable products, is now on-line on 
The new section presents all the dental line products made in Italy with quality, made in Dispotech raw materials. Perfecto line quality is guaranteed by Dispotech, with cutting-edge, international references; certified and in some cases patented.
The section, available in 6 languages, can be used by and is dedicated to both Distributors and Dentists
We would like to remind you that in Perfecto, Dispotech Dental Excellence, the consolidated disposable Dispotech products for the Dental sector have been joined by new lines dedicated to clothes for the dentist, assistant and patient (disposable white coats, caps with tie-strings, masks with tie-strings, overshoes in Polyethylene or TNT and three lines of gloves, in Nitrile and latex, with and without powder), to Protection (Dental-unit cover, headrest and chair covers, decontaminating mats, rollers in cotton and gauze) and all the sterile linens for Dental Practices. 
By launching Perfecto, Dispotech hopes to increase the demand for disposable products in the Dental sector. In turn, the Company will carry on commercialising all references always referring to Distributors. However, Dispotech has started an intense Marketing campaign so that it is the Dentists themselves who ask Wholesalers for Perfecto, thanks to the in-depth search for a new Brand (Perfecto as its Name and diamond as its Logo) aimed at adding value to the new Dental line with the image of a decided, yet elegant colour (Violet) easily recognisable by Dentists on shelves. 

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Emanuele Mortarotti
Author Emanuele Mortarotti


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