The war on the taxation of medical devices continues

The comforting news comes directly from the USA of new actions taken against taxation applied to medical devices .

Written Tuesday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

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The comforting news comes directly from the USA - both for its own market as well as for the repercussions that this fact can have on the rest of the world - of new actions taken against taxation applied to medical devices But let’s see in detail what is about.

The Republicans, towards the end of July, planned the approval of a health savings plan - a pivotal principle, to which President George W. Bush was already very committed -; it changes significantly the structure of Obamacare's tax deductions, effectively beginning the free (and catastrophic) fall of benefits for the least wealthy. Two other Obamacare measures are also being voted on.

The government is also planning to overcome the repeal of the 2.3% medical device tax - costing $24.4 billion over 10 years, according to the latest estimate from the Congressional Budget Office. In total, according to the Budget Office of Congress, the measures listed above would cost $92 billion over ten years.

The Republicans claim they are taking a further step towards "improving the quality of health coverage and care".

The insurance industry is supporting these measures; the US medical device industry, hopes for a victory so that it will be less taxed and more represented by the top spheres of politics.

The Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed), a trade association dedicated to medical device companies, has launched an advertising campaign - visible throughout Washington - to convince politicians to be on its side.

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