Third age: learn about excellent disposable Dispotech

Dispotech provides excellent disposable products for the Third age

Written Wednesday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

Thanks to its Research and Development division, Dispotech designs and produces several disposable products for the Third age, for both health structure operators and patients, such as: DISPO BIBS WITH POCKET, disposable bibs with special storage pocket, created with a new machine designed and optimised by Dispotech. These are disposable in pure cellulose tissue, highly absorbent, coupled with highly waterproof polyethylene. Soft and comfortable, for excellent patient protection. Ideal for use during meals and for those bedridden . The excellent made in Dispotech disposable products include: DISPO WASH GLOVES, disposable gloves in special TNT enabling the operator to soap and rinse the patient, guaranteeing maximum delicacy on contact with the skin. DISPO WASH GLOVES can be made in highly absorbent, resistant dry paper or in microfibre, enabling the patient to be soaped and rinsed and providing a pleasant massage to eliminate dead cells from the skin. And then: DISPO SHEET, precut bed protection rolls, with one extremely absorbent Tissue and a fully waterproof polyethylene one; DISPO DRAPES, disposable folded napkins, useful for drying the patient after he/she has been washed, in two different versions, dry paper and spunlace; DISPO TOWEL, towels just right for drying the patient in non woven fabric with viscose and in microfibre.
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Emanuele Mortarotti
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