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WinMedical acquired by Ab Medica, for an increasingly smarter future

Written Friday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

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Thanks to a medical device, a future linking health and assistance to technology appears to be closer than ever. Today we’d like to call to your attention to a news item that was published on the leading economics websites and given national visibility thanks to the ANSA portal: AB Medica, the very important Italian firm that operates in technology and development of everything pertinent to medicine and surgery acquired, little more than a week ago, WinMedical, a young yet competitive spin-off of the Sant’Anna School of Pisa which “conceives”, produces and merchandises what are known as wearable medical devices. WinMedical is considered one of the crown jewels in its sector in Italy. Just consider that the company turns over approximately a million euros and since its founding in 2009, has always been worthy of consideration by the networks interested in its growth and stimulating continuous research that aims at excellence: amongst these, we would like to mention Italian Angels for Growth, Fondo Toscana Innovation and SICI.

Thanks to the above investors, WinMedical has developed WinPack, a platform which, used in combination with a wearable medical device, could revolutionise the healthcare world. What is it? Being in contact with the skin, these devices are able to record vital functions, track any irregularities and communicate potential emergencies to doctors or the nearest healthcare facilities. To check these parameters, all that is needed is the intervention of a pc, tablet or smartphone which is connected to the wearable medical device. Therefore, even from a distance, blood pressure, heart rate, bodily temperature, and respiratory frequency, can always be kept under control.

The genius and utility of this platform used with a medical device is clear to see: usable in a number of hospital wards, WinPack proves to be versatile and simplifies the lives of health workers, making it possible to organise work in hospital wards more accurately. The fortune of being able to monitor patients with a screen has proven to be an excellent ally for dispensing low and medium-intensity medication to patients directly at home, allowing hospitals to give space to patients with more serious pathologies and increasing the number of available beds in Italian facilities, an age-old problem that has always afflicted our country.

WinMedical CEO and founder Donato Mazzeo was enthusiastic in expressing his satisfaction to this regard: “This is the completion of a journey that began in a technological transfer system promoted by the Tuscany Region; WinMedical is now confirmed as an important business in the largest Italian biomedical group, in confirmation that the processes of innovation, industrialisation and commercialisation of new technologies are also possible here in Italy”.

Hoping for a change of course for the National Healthcare System with its sketchy aspects and already obsolete technologies, WinMedical President Alessandro Guazzoni intends to promote and sustain “a new model of medical care, an original path that finds wireless and wearable modular medical technology to be the key factor for facing the challenges of the future. Included amongst these is the fight against clinical risks, improved prevention of adverse events and an ensuing reduction of costs for the Healthcare System, all in benefit of quicker patient recoveries and hospital discharges”.

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Emanuele Mortarotti
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