Disposable dental supplies

Since 1994 Dispotech has been qualifying itself as an international company for the production and worldwide sale of disposable dental supplies for professionals, hospitals and mass retail chains.

All products, which belong to Class I, Class II a and Class II b medical devices, are internally manufactured and made of top-quality raw materials which make them suitable for various fields of application like:

  • dental studios
  • hospitals
  • mass retail chains, chemists, wholesalers
  • other professionals in the dental and medical sector

Types of disposable dental supplies

Dispotech disposable dental supplies belong to the Perfecto Line: purposely designed to guarantee hygiene and safety either for professionals and patients, the line includes a range of products in a complete, single coordinated line.

Perfecto is a series of disposable dental supplies that are easy to be disposed of such as:

  • Disposable ice – patented by Dispotech and sold in TNT packs, it can be used even on the face without problems
  • Disposable coloured napkins and bibs – absorbent, waterproof and made of polyethylene
  • Disposable trays and cups – made of different materials, they can be piled up so to save some space
  • Haemostatic sponges – ideal for haemostasis in post extraction and in cases where bleeding has to be controlled, I can be cut and shaped depending on the operator’s needs
  • Disposable saliva ejectors – made of transparent and nontoxic PVC, it is designed for the best comfort
  • Disposable cotton saliva rolls – highly absorbent, they do not dissolve in water
  • Disposable toothbrushes – with four rows of hypoallergenic bristles with a thin coating of a ready-to-use toothpaste
  • Dental micro-applicators – compact in size and with a bendable plastic handle that allows localised applications of various liquids and materials
  • Denture boxes and containers – cases that ensure the perfect cleaning of all kinds of prosthesis and braces
  • Disposable gowns, dental masks, caps, gloves and shoe covers – to protect the operators during their job and avoiding the spread of bacteria, viruses and other elements that can affect hygiene
  • Intraoral tips – compatible with the most important brands on the market
  • Protective sheath – for intraoral cameras, suitable for use with a polymerisation lamp
  • Disposable chair, seat and headrest covers – made of soft polypropylene TNT, they guarantee the hygiene of the seat and protect it from liquids and other materials that may leak
  • Disposable mats – bactericidal mats with PVC adhesive
  • Barrier films – for surface protection
  • Bowie and dick test steam – ideal to control the sterilisation cycle
  • Sterilisation rolls and pouches – for storage and sterilisation at high temperature of professional tools
  • Syringe applicators – for gel application, etching etc.
  • Drapes – sterile linen line in TNT and PE

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Why choosing Dispotech disposable dental supplies

During the production of its disposable dental supplies, Dispotech pays particular attention to its quality control systems so that every product turns out to be a top-quality, easy-to-use professional tool, but not only.

Moreover, all disposable products are made in compliance with the European Directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices and, in some cases, they are even patented.

Take a look at some certifications achieved by Dispotech for some of its disposable supplies.

Different ways to customise disposable dental supplies

Another strength point lies in the fact that the company is able to internally produce all dental supplies and to customise them according to customers’ needs.

The customisation service provides the chance to make your products recognizable, for example by

  • printing your brand/studio’s logo on them also for promotional purposes
  • changing format and packaging on the base of what you need

Disposable dental supplies: send your order in from the UK

As a producer and provider of disposable dental supplies Dipotech has been able to establish its reputation of reliability well beyond the Italian borders throughout the years. This means that the company receives and accepts orders from all over the world, and is able to ship in various countries inside and outside Europe, including the UK.


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