Intraoral Tips

Perfecto Terminals

PERFECTO TERMINALS are intraoral tips, that is disposable micro-applicators for applying dental impression material, compatible with the most important brands on the market.


Especially used to dispense impression material for various dental restorations like bridges and crowns, Dispotech intraoral tips are meant to improve patients’ health as well as professionals’ performances. As a matter of fact:

  • They allow perfect product placement
  • They are compatible with all the best brands on the market
  • They are easy to use and to be disposed of
  • They are suitable for single use only


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Some specifications of Dispotech intraoral tips

Dispotech intraoral tips are made with high quality materials that guarantee the utmost hygiene when used for the intended application. At the same time, they provide excellent price ratio.

They come in packages containing 24 packs with 50 pieces each.

  • 24 50pc bags
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