Producing and shipping disposable medical supplies worldwide

Since 1994, Dispotech has been designing, manufacturing and selling worldwide disposable medical supplies whose high quality is guaranteed by the ISO 13485 certification achieved by the company.

Dispotech disposable medical supplies include Class I, Class II a and Class II b medical products, certified in compliance with the latest European Directive 93/42/ECC.

Fields of application of Dispotech disposable medical supplies

All products are designed to guarantee the utmost hygiene avoiding any risk of infection spreading or contamination, and are user-friendly and easy to be disposed of.

Available for various sectors, from medical to mass retail field, Dispotech disposable medical supplies come in different types of packagings and, depending on the needs, they can be customised.

Disposable medical supplies are suitable for a broad range of activities and applications like:

  • medical and healthcare facilities
  • hospitals
  • care homes
  • health workers like doctors, nurses and other professionals
  • sport activities


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Dispotech range of disposable medical supplies

To meet the great amount of requests, we have decided to produce a big range of user-friendly disposable medical supplies among which we can mention:

  • instant ice packs and heat packs
  • reusable hot-cold gel packs
  • ice spray
  • rolls of disposable medical sheets
  • medical gloves
  • disposable sheets and plasticised sheets
  • disposable towels and napkins
  • pouches and rolls for sterilisation
  • rolls of disposable bibs with and without pocket
  • surgical masks

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Customised disposable medical supplies

We internally design and produce all products, only using Italian materials which have been carefully selected in order to obtain the highest quality, and to assure the best performances once all disposable medical supplies are used.

But we go further. Our services also include the possibility to customise all disposable medical supplies by:

  • printing your logo on the packaging
  • changing the type and the dimensions of the packaging

This means that all the products we create can also be used for promotional purposes.

Finally, due to the great synergy we have built with our Italian and international distributors, we are able to accept orders from abroad and ship all our medical products worldwide.


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