Mixing cannula

Perfecto canule

PERFECTO Canule is a kind of disposable mixing cannula.

A mixing cannula allows to correctly transfer pharmaceutical fluids by aspiration with a syringe, and is ready to use and easy to be disposed of after use.


Dispotech mixing cannula is easily connected to syringes while the tube allows the aspiration of pharmaceuticals liquids from vials during the preparation of medicines. Moreover, the innovative technology it is made of and the compact shape make PERFECTO mixing cannula safe and easy to use, reducing the product’s waste.

Choosing Perfecto Mixing cannula

Perfecto mixing cannulas feature a bunch of advantages that must not be underestimated such as:

  • High level technology to ensure an efficient mixing process
  • Constant blend during all operations
  • Innovative design and easy luer slip connection
  • Reduced waste of product
  • Safety

Cost effective and available in various dimensions – from 0.7 mm to 47.4 mm – this mixing cannula comes in different colours depending on dimensions and capacity – blue, pink, yellow, light blue, green and brown.

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  • 47.4 mm - 0.95 mm - 3.3 mm - 3.85 mm - 51.6 mm - 0.95 mm Marrone: 21.7 mm - 0.7 mm - 19.1 mm - 2.4 mm
  • marrone
  • Pantone P 2975
  • Pantone P 338
  • Pantone P 101
  • Pantone P 1905
  • Pantone P284
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