Disposable heat packs

Dispo Hot

DISPO HOT is a disposable ice pack that provides an instant heat flow (+50°C) as soon as the central button is pressed. Disposable heat packs are produced in non-woven fabric, a material that respect the skin even in the most sensitive areas. DISPO HOT is a Class II a medical device.

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Customize your disposable heat packs

Dispotech disposable heat packs can be customized in the bag and in the package with your logo and your graphic elements. Customization possibilities are available for both wholesale orders and low quantities requests.

Disposable heat packs application sectors

Disposable heat packs are useful tool that find applications in the medical, dental and home sector. DISPO HOT is also available for wholesale orders aimed at mass distribution. Please contact us to ask for more information, we will be happy to answer your requests.

Product available for the following sectors:
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Mass Retail
  • 14x18 cm
  • 14x24 cm
  • 25 pcs
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