Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer

LAURIT is ready-to-use hand sanitizer gel for instant and effective disinfection without water. It dries quickly, leaving your hands fresh and soft without irritating the skin.

Hand sanitizer with alcohol

Some studies by German and Swiss scientist have actually confirmed the importance of sanitizing our hands. As a matter of fact, all the experiments have clarified how viruses get killed by using an alcohol hand sanitizer. Laboratory studies have also demonstrated the ability of a hand sanitizer with alcohol to inactivate HIV, HBV, HCV; in addition, it has an anti-microbiotic power against Candidaalbicanse Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

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Two sizes of hand sanitizer available

LAURIT hand gel is available in two different sizes:

  • 500 ml dispenser bottle
  • 5 l recharge

If you choose a 500 ml hand sanitizer bottle, you can also use Dispotech’s hand sanitizer stand to put inside offices, stores, hospital and other places.

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