Disposable toothbrush

Perfecto Toothbrush

Perfecto Toothbrush is a disposable toothbrush specifically studied for the dental sector. The product is designed to guarantee maximum comfort and ease of use: each toothbrush is packed singly and guarantees maximum oral hygiene.

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Disposable toothbrushes feature four rows of non allergenic bristles with a thin coating of ready-to-use toothpaste. They are available in a wide range of colours and are ideal for both children and adults.

  • 100x10
  • Pantone White
  • Pantone P284
  • Pantone P367
  • Pantone P 165
  • Pantone P 1905
  • Pantone P 2645
  • Pantone P 2935
  • Pantone P 148
  • Pantone P 101
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