Dispo Drapes

Plasticised disposable sheets

Specially designed and produced by Dispotech for the medical sector, Dispo DRAPES plastic disposable sheets are supplied folded (up to 16 folds). They are not supplied sterile, but can be sterilised simply in an autoclave. Used for insertion in blister packs, Dispotech plasticised disposable sheets are made of 1-ply pure cellulose tissue coupled to 1 layer of polythene. The particular composition of the materials guarantees great absorbency and impermeability.

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Dispo DRAPES are a Class I medical device.

Product available for the following sectors:
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Mass Retail
  • 36x43 cm
  • 36x45 cm
  • 40x40 cm
  • 40x45 cm
  • 1
  • 000 pcs
  • 800 pcs
  • Pantone White
  • Pantone P284
  • Pantone P367
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