Our disposable products specifically designed and manufactured for the medical sector are suitable for all medical facilities, hospitals and care homes, as well as all health workers: doctors, nurses and other professionals in the sector.


All the disposable medical supplies you need for your activity


Of the wide range of disposable medical supplies, particularly relevant are our instant ice packs and heat packs, reusable hot/cold gel packs, ice spray, rolls of disposable medical sheets, medical gloves, disposable sheets, disposable towels and disposable napkins, pouches and rolls for sterilisation, rolls of disposable bibs, disposable bibs with pocket, surgical masks, plasticised sheets and much more besides.


Below you will find all our disposable products for the medical sector available to distributors in Italy and abroad.


Dispo Ice

Disposable ice packs

Dispo Gel

Reusable hot and cold gel pack

Dispo Hot

Disposable heat packs

Dispo Ice Spray

Ice spray

Dispo Bibs with Pocket

Bibs with pocket

Dispo Sheet

Disposable sheets

Perfecto Mask

Surgical masks

Dispo Pack

Sterilisation pouches and rolls

Dispo Clean

Microfibre cloth

Dispo Wash Gloves

Disposable gloves

Dispo Mat

Decontamination mat

Dispo Gloves

Disposable medical gloves

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