disposable products


We design

Dispotech designs disposable products, developing both the materials and technologies, all under an unyielding quality system which guarantees the highest quality of Dispotech products all around the world


We produce

Dispotech manufactures disposable products of the highest quality for the medical, dental, sports, promotional and mass retail sectors, thanks to optimisation of the high-quality made in Italy materials used and all production machinery


We customise

Thanks to the great flexibility of our design and Research and Development teams, at Dispotech we are able to customise the type and dimensions of the packaging, as well as the format of nearly all our disposable products

About Us
Dispotech is the leader in disposable products in Italy and around the world. The company was created by the vision of Massimo Mortarotti in 1994. After ten years working in the chemical-medical field in Milan, Mortarotti decided to create a new company dedicated to designing and manufacturing disposable products in Gordona, in the Valchiavenna area, Italy. Recognised both in Italy and abroad for our production of disposable products for various sectors - medical, dental, sports, promotional and mass retail - our company offers major international distributors both Dispotech branded and Private Label products, creating customised lines of...
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A swallowable sensor could help us to better understand how the intestine works

A new swallowable sensor could shed light on new unprecedented information and discoveries for science: this is what Australian research maintains after carrying out experiments on human patients, defining them as 100% safe, as well as useful for identifying problems and malfunctions with the digestive system.

Medical devices and cybersecurity, watch out for threats from the web! (2/2)

Cybersecurity is one of the most delicate and discussed issues in the medical sector today. The text you are about to read is the continuation of the article we began last week regarding the increasingly evident problem of the security of medical devices connected to internet.

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