Design and production of top-quality disposable products for the medical, dental and sports sectors

We design
We design

Dispotech designs disposable products, developing both the materials and technologies, all under an unyielding quality system which guarantees the highest quality of Dispotech products all around the world

We produce
We produce

Dispotech manufactures disposable products of the highest quality for the medical, dental, sports, promotional and mass retail sectors, thanks to optimisation of the high-quality made in Italy materials used and all production machinery

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We customize
We customize

Thanks to the great flexibility of our design and Research and Development teams, at Dispotech we are able to customise the type and dimensions of the packaging, as well as the format of nearly all our disposable products


Medical disposable products company

Dispotech is a leader among medical disposable products companies in Italy and worldwide. The company was created by Massimo Mortarotti in 1994: after ten years working the chemical-medical field in Milan, Mortarotti decided to create a new company dedicated to designing, manufacturing and supplying of medical disposable products. Dispotech was founded in Gordona, in the Valchiavenna area in Italy. Today Dispotech is recognised both in Italy and abroad as one of the leading companies in the production of medical disposable products for various sectors: medical, dental, sports, promotional and mass retail. 

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Fibromialgia Terapia Caldo Freddo Benefici Medical line
18 April 2024

Heat and cold therapy for fibromyalgia

On the Dispotech blog, we will discuss the benefits of heat and cold that can lessen the pain caused by fibromyalgia, a chronic syndrome that causes widespread muscle and joint pain throughout the body and which impacts women in particular.

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Dolori Collo Terapia Ghiaccio Calore Medical line
04 April 2024

Neck pain? Ice and heat can help you

Almost 1 out of every 3 people in the world suffers from neck pain.

Find out how to treat it with the benefits of heat and ice!

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Morbo Di Crohn Benefici Del Calore Medical line
28 March 2024

Hot packs and Crohn’s disease: heat can make you feel better

In this week’s article we will discuss the benefits of heat to combat health problems due to Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory disease that impacts the intestine.

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Ghiaccio O Calore Per Ginocchio Dolorante Medical line
15 March 2024

Ice or heat for your aching knee?

Today we will be discussing the knee and how to take remedial actions when we feel pain in this important joint of our body.

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Dispotech Arab Health 2024 Medical line
22 February 2024

Dispotech at Arab Health 2024

Once again this year, Dispotech participated in one of the most important and influential medical fairs: Arab Health 2024.

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Conservare Correttamente Un Gel Pack Medical line
07 February 2024

How to correctly store a gel pack

A gel pack is one of the most widely used class I medical devices: it is convenient, easy to use, and can be taken anywhere: we at Dispotech are perfectly aware of this, as our Dispo Gel is one of our leading products!

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Applicare Gel Pack 3 Consigli Medical line
05 February 2024

Three tips for applying a gel pack correctly

If you’ve had a bad sprain or a violent impact has caused swelling, if muscle tension is tormenting you, a gel pack is the quickest way to obtain the benefits of cold and heat - depending on the nature of the injury.

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Smartworking Dolori Muscolari Curali Ice Hot Pack Medical line
01 February 2024

Smartworking and muscle pain: treat it with ice and hot packs!

Smartworking has its virtues and drawbacks - of these, many workers suffer from pain such as back pain, muscle tension, neck and shoulder pain. The pain can be alleviated thanks to the benefits of heat and cold.

Welcome back to the Dispotech blog and to the first 2024 appointment with our new blogposts!

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Benefici Del Ghiaccio Ansia Medical line
30 January 2024

The benefits of cold weather alleviate anxiety: a study proves it

Did you know that ice can alleviate anxiety and help you feel better?

Welcome back to the Dispotech blog!

Today we are going to talk about the correlation between anxiety and the benefits of cold: did you know that ice can alleviate anxiety and help you feel better?

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