The dental disposable products line by Dispotech – a company acknowledged as a worldwide excellence for the production of medical and dental disposable products - has been renewed and becomes PERFECTO – DISPOTECH DENTAL EXCELLENCE. With PERFECTO, the company offers users the choice of a complete range of dental disposables in a complete, single, coordinated line. Our dental disposable products are made in Italy with top quality raw materials, guaranteed by Dispotech, with cutting-edge, international references, certified and in some cases patented.



Our disposable dental supplies include a complete range of disposable products aimed at dental studios, hospitals and professionals in the sector. The list of available dental disposables include, but it is not limited to: disposable ice, disposable coloured napkins and bibs, disposable trays, disposable cups, haemostatic sponges, disposable ejectors, disposable cotton saliva rolls, disposable toothbrushes, disposable micro-applicators, denture boxes, disposable gowns, disposable dental masks, caps and gloves, intraoral tips and much more: discover the complete list below.


Perfecto Ice

Instant ice packs

Perfecto Napkins

Medical Napkins

Perfecto Napkin Holder

Disposable napkins holder

Perfecto Bibs

Dental Bibs

Perfecto Napkins Dispenser

Disposable napkins dispenser

Perfecto Dispenser Bibs

Disposable bibs dispenser

Perfecto Tray Paper

Dental Tray Paper

Perfecto Tray

Dental and Medical Disposable Tray

Perfecto Cup

Disposable cups

Cutanplast Dental

Haemostatic Sponge

Perfecto Ejector

Saliva ejector

Perfecto Rolls

Dental cotton rolls

Perfecto Toothbrush

Disposable toothbrush

Perfecto Micro Applicator

Disposable Micro Applicators

Perfecto Denture Box

Denture container

Perfecto Chair Cover

Disposable chair covers

Perfecto Headrest Cover

Dental headrest covers

Perfecto Seat Cover

Disposable seat covers

Perfecto Sleeve

Protective Sheath

Perfecto Sleeve Roll

Disposable protective Sheath

Perfecto MAT

Decontamination mat

Perfecto Mask

Surgical mask

Perfecto Laces Cap

Disposable cap with laces

Perfecto Elastic Cap

Round Disposable Cap with Elastic

Perfecto Gown

Disposable Gowns

Perfecto Surgical Gown

Disposable Surgical Gowns

Perfecto Shoe Covers

Disposable shoe covers in PE and TNT

Perfecto Lattex gloves

Medical gloves with powder

Perfecto Nitril Gloves

Nitrile gloves without powder

Perfecto Drape

Disposable towels

Bowie & dick test steam

Bowie & dick test steam

Perfecto Sterilization Roll

Sterilization Rolls

Perfecto Sterilization Pouch

Sterilization Pouches

Perfecto Drape LA

Disposable Towels LA

Perfecto Drape SU

Disposable towel SU

Perfecto Lattex Powder Free Gloves

Latex polymer gloves without powder

Perfecto Clean

Microfibre cloth

Perfecto Terminals

Intraoral Tips

Perfecto Points

Syringe applicators

Perfecto canule

Perfecto canule

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