Sterilization Pouches

Perfecto Sterilization Pouch

For sterilizing, Dispotech produces self-sealing envelopes Perfecto Sterilization Pouch, in several sizes, in paper-film with a transparent side. These materials make PERFECTO sterilization pouches safe and resistant to over-exposure to steam when put in an autoclave, thus making the whole sterilization process effective.

Sterilization pouches are meant to contain single medical items in order to maintain the item’s sterility and protect it from the dust and the environment.

Sterilization pouches are available in different sizes to envelop different types of dental and medical tools.

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Dental sterilization pouches against infection and contamination risks

In fact, the steam can penetrate inside these dental sterilization pouches so that the autoclave sterilization process is effective. The importance of using this kind of self-sealing dental sterilization pouches lies in the fact that they ensure the safety of staff and patients at the same time because they protect tools against contamination and spreading infections.

Characteristics of Dispotech sterilization pouches

Thanks to the automatic sealing mechanism, Dispotech sterilization pouches are practical and easy to use, providing a fast and effective containment for professional equipment. Being disposable products, the sterilization pouches are ideal for one single use.

  • 8x200
  • 6x200
  • 4x200
  • 90x230
  • 140x250
  • 190x330
  • Pantone P284
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