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We produce

Dispotech produces its disposable products internally, using made in Italy materials carefully designed and selected to obtain the best performance throughout the production cycle, from the raw materials, throughout production plants right up to the finished product. Each machinery in the production cycle has also been optimised to obtain maximum efficiency for the finished product, guaranteeing at all times the highest quality which has always set Dispotech and its disposable products apart around the world.

Dispotech’s internal production thus guarantees the highest quality across its whole range of disposable products for the medicaldentalsports, promotional and mass retail sectors. Dispotech also offers its distributors in Italy and abroad the possibility to create customised products, in terms of formattype and dimensions, both with Dispotech branding and the private brands of major international companies.

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We design

Dispotech designs its disposable products internally, developing the materials, the technologies and the production processes, as well as all the quality control systems.

This allows Dispotech’s internal Research and Development department to guarantee the highest quality across the whole range of disposable products destined for different sectors - medicaldentalsportspromotional and mass retail.

Thanks to our design and continual research and development, we are able to offer both Dispotech-branded products and personalised and customised lines for major international companies.

For Dispotech, customising a product does not just mean printing brands or logos on the products or packaging, but also being able to modify packaging types and sizes and even the format of the product itself on request. For our company, therefore, synergy with our distributors both in Italy and abroad is fundamental, and we consider them not just clients but partners.

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We customise

Dispotech is able to customise and personalise the majority of its disposable products. For Dispotech, customisation means printing your brand or logos on individual products or packs to identify them as yours!

What’s more, thanks to the great flexibility of the design and Research and Development teams, at Dispotech we are able to customise the type and dimensions of the packaging, as well as the format of nearly all our disposable products.

This makes all our disposable products for the medicaldental and sports sectors perfect for promotional uses and for those running mass retail chains.

For Dispotech, a fundamental aspect is the synergy we are able to achieve with our distributors both in Italy and abroad, who we consider more than just simple customers but rather partners in the search for unique products which stand out in the market for their uniqueness and high quality.