Mass Retail

These are all the disposable products sold by Dispotech at all chemists, mass retail chains and wholesalers both in Italy and the rest of the world.


All the disposable products for the mass retail sector


Among the most representative disposable products in this category are: our disposable instant ice packs and heat packs, reusable hot and cold gel packs, ice spray, sports ice packs, disposable gloves, tape remover spray, disposable bibs and disposable towels.

Below you will find all our disposable products for the mass retail sector available to distributors in Italy and abroad.


Find out the disposable products you are looking for and contact the network of our distributors using the form below for any information!

Mass Retail

Easy Ice

Disposable ice packs

Dispo Gel

Hot and cold gel pack

Dispo Hot

Disposable heat packs

Dispo Ice Spray

Ice spray

Dispo Bibs with Pocket

Bibs with pocket

Dispo Wash Gloves

Disposable wash gloves

Dispo Gloves

Disposable Medical Gloves

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