Hot and cold gel pack

Dispo Gel

Dispo Gel is a kind of hot and cold gel pack designed and produced by Dispotech, which is completely atoxic and suitable also for medical use. This gel pack can be used for two kinds of therapy: if put in the microwave or in boiling water, it is suitable for heat therapy; otherwise, if you put it inside a freezer, you can use it for cold therapy. The pack can also have a pouch in order to avoid potential burns.

This hot and cold gel pack is available in retail boxes and belongs to Class I medical device.

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Our hot and cold gel pack is ideal for application in many different sectors such as medicine, dentistry, sports, mass retail distribution for home application. Hot and cold gel packs are extremely easy to use, ideal for both professional application and home use. You just have to cool or heat the pack until it reaches the desired temperature. Just be sure to follow the instructions for a safe use and application of the pack.

Hot and cold gel packs are really useful in many situations. It is ideal to cool the pack in situations such as:

  • After traumas and injuries
  • After dentistic operations
  • To relieve pain

After bug bites At the same time, you can heat the hot and cold pack to find relief from intestinal and stomach aches or even just to get some warmth.


DISPO GEL hot and cold gel pack is available with dedicated container pouch in non-woven fabric or elasticated fabric. In the Your Brand version, the pack can be customised with your logo and graphics, and is also available with a case that can be personalised as well.

You can choose your hot and cold gel pack supply in different sizes and formats, in packages of 100, 50 or 25 pieces.

Try Dispotech's excellence, try Dispo Gel hot and cold gel pack

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Do you want to have the instructions for use? Download the documentation below:

Product available for the following sectors:
Mass Retail
  • 5.5x12cm
  • 11x11cm
  • 14x18cm
  • 14x24cm
  • 11x26cm
  • 17x26cm
  • 100pcs(5.5x12cm)
  • 50pcs(11x11cm)
  • 25pcs
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