Arab Health 2022 Read The Dispotech S Fair Report.I9961 Keph6je W922 H401 F1 L2 News
16 February 2022

Arab Health 2022: read the Dispotech's fair report

An international fair to bring Dispotech medical disposable products in Middle East

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Insect Bites Article News
21 July 2021

Methods for treating insect bites: just add ice

In today’s article published on the Dispotech blog, you will find some very useful tips with some quick and effective methods for treating insect bites. In summer, it’s not so uncommon to be stung, hence it’s best not to be caught out unprepared and to always be able to act quickly to speed up the healing process.

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I Trend Del Futuro Nel Settore Medicale.I8981 Khkvtay W922 H401 F1 L1 News
28 December 2020

Future trends in the medical industry

Today on the Dispotech blog, we will address trends in the medical industry that have revolutionised 2020 and, we're convinced, will be increasingly present and effective in the near future. To do so, we use the support of an interesting article published on

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Buon Natale Da Dispotech Chiusi Dal 24 Dicembre Al 6 Gennaio.I8941 Kqmcpe W922 H401 F1 L1 News
09 December 2020

Season greetings from Dispotech! Closed from 24th December till 6th January

we wish you the best holiday for you and your family and friends. We will be back from 7th of January 2021.

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L Ansia Durante La Pandemia Un Problema.I8861 Kbr6uwv W922 H401 F1 L1 News
16 October 2020

Anxiety during the pandemic: a problem

we address a serious topic related to the pandemic caused by Covid-19: the exponential (and worrying) increase of anxiety.

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Il Futuro Dell Healthcare Post Covid.I8581 Kb3ced W280 L1 News
18 June 2020

The future of post-Covid healthcare

Welcome back to another appointment with Dispotech blog news. Today, in light of the many changes we are facing due to of Covid-19, let's analyse what the future of healthcare will look like in light of the pandemic that has plagued the entire world - and that we are still facing.

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Mascherine E Visiere Protettive Come Ci Aiutano.I8561 Kniq43i W922 H401 F1 L1 Medical line
12 June 2020

Protective masks and visors, how are they helping us?

Another appointment with Dispotech news. Today we are talking about two fundamental safety devices to cope with the spread of Covid-19: we are talking about protective masks and visors.

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Alcune Societa Di Alcolici Hanno Aiutato Ad Affrontare L Emergenza Producendo Gel Mani.I8481 K9qqlwk W922 H401 F1 L1 Medical line
22 May 2020

Distilleries and breweries that produce gel

alcohol manufacturers that, to fight the Covid-19 pandemic and lend a hand, have started to produce hand-sanitizing gels.

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L Importanza Del Gel Mani Contro Il Coronavirus.I8401 Kdhez28 W922 H401 F1 L1 News
08 May 2020

The importance of hand sanitizer against Coronavirus

As the title of the article suggests, we will be discussing how the world of sports has also been overwhelmed by the Coronavirus emergency.

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