Di Cosa Avra Bisogno Un Kit D Emergenza Post Covid 19.I8381 Klphwtw W922 H401 F1 L1 News
24 April 2020

What do you need in an emergency kit?

Today, on Dispotech's blog, we address a very useful topic and we're certain that, after reading the article, you'll be ready to tidy up your home first aid kit

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La Disinformazione E I Rumors Errati Riguardanti Il Coronavirus.I8341 K2ynryu W922 H401 F1 L1 News
08 April 2020

Misinformation and erroneous rumors about the Coronavirus

The global crisis regarding the spreading of the Coronavirus has caused concern on several fronts: the health and economic sectors are only two among those most affected. In a delicate moment like this, it is important to provide correct information: avoiding the spread of fake and absurd news is essential in preventing anxiety and uncontrolled behaviour. Thanks to the support of an article published on, we will talk about how experts and researchers condemn misinformation and fake news about the Coronavirus.

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Come Dispotech Affronta L Emergenza Covid 19.I8322 Klofz04 W922 H401 F1 L1 News
26 March 2020

Dispotech's approach to the COVID-19 emergency

We want to share with you the actions taken by Dispotech to counter the spread of Coronavirus (covid-19) and - at the same time - ensure the continuity in the supply of some of its medical devices.

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Migliori Pratiche Di Prevenzione E Controllo Delle Infezioni Ospedaliere.I8301 Kzpzxma W922 H401 F1 L1 News
24 March 2020

Best anti-infection, prevention and control practices

It is impossible for us not to address the Coronavirus, a virus spreading in our country for weeks now, causing contagions, deaths and so much fear among all of us. It is important to talk about it and convey the right information, both for the sake of accurate information and to avoid unjustified panic.

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Come Sono Nate Le Mascherine E Perche.I8221 Krdcau W922 H401 F1 L1 News
27 February 2020

Face masks history

What role do face masks play? Is their widespread use by the population really helping to contain the contagion? How were face masks first developed and why? Let's try to give accurate information and answer these simple but important questions; to do so, we use the support of an in

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Quanto Puo Essere Pericoloso Utilizzare Un Gel Mani Fatto In Casa.I8441 K9gos9a W922 H401 F1 L1 Medical line
15 February 2020

How dangerous is it to use homemade hand gel?

Today on the Dispotech blog we will deal with a very serious topic: what are the dangers of do-it-yourself hand sanitizing gel, which is widely used today?

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Dispotech Partecipa A Arab Health 2020.I8024 Kkcrei8 W922 H401 F1 L1 News
29 January 2020

Dispotech at AEEDC 2020 with Perfecto

Dispotech will be taking part with its Perfecto-Dispotech Dental Excellence

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Dispotech Partecipa A Arab Health 2020.I8024 Kkcrei8 W922 H401 F1 L1 News
15 January 2020

Dispotech at ARAB HEALTH 2020

From January 27th to January 30th Dispotech, Your Disposable Excellence, will be in Dubai for the ARAB HEALTH Exhibition & Congress 2020

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Come Nasce Il Ghiaccio Secco.I6660 Kxfttja W600 L1 News
17 January 2019

The history of dry ice

What is dry ice? How did it start? When was it first discovered? Keep reading until the end of the article to find out!

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