Disposable wash gloves

Dispo wash gloves

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DISPOTECH has designed and manufactures DISPO WASH GLOVES: disposable wash gloves made of non-woven fabric - also coupled with polythene - or in dry paper coupled with polythene or even in microfibre. Disposable wash gloves are ideal for washing patients or for their personal hygiene, bed-ridden patients in hospital and care of the elderly.

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Frame 204


16‚5x22 cm

Customizable sizes



10x50 pcs


Product available for the following sectors:
Medical Mass retail

The dry paper used in these gloves is bleach-free.


Disposable wash gloves application

DISPO WASH GLOVES are designed specifically for the medical sector, but are also available for mass retail sector for consumer distribution.
Our disposable wash gloves are extremely easy to use and comfortable: watch this video!


Availability of disposable wash gloves

Besides standard size, DISPO WASH GLOVES can be supplied in custom sizes according to the customer's requirements. 


Kind of fabrics of Dispotech's disposable wash gloves

Disposable wash gloves are made of different kinds of fabrics that allow t clean patients by lathering and rinsing them.

They are available in different types of fabrics: