Disposable ice packs

Easy ice

Easy Ice.I7782 K4bybio H442 L1 Sacco Gelo BOX.I7783 K1eilc0 H442 L1 disposable ice packs

Dispotech’s Easy Ice is a disposable ice bag, available in retail boxes made of either non-woven fabric or polyethylene.

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Frame 204


14x18 cm
14x24 cm
8x13 cm


25 pcs
48 pcs
Product available for the following sectors:
Medical Sport Mass retail

Cryotherapy with Dispotech's disposable ice bag

After squeezing the inner water bag, an endothermic reaction is activated which starts an instant cooling process (-4° C), according to the cryotherapy formula exclusively patented by Dispotech.
This disposable ice bag belongs to the Class IIa medical device.


How to use the disposable ice packs

Using the disposable cold pack is easy: after pressing the button in the middle of the pack, an instantaneous cooling process takes place producing a -4° cold temperature. At this point, you just have to lay the disposable ice pack on the harmed area to feel a sudden relief. Keep in mind the following advices:

  • limit the exposure to the ice pack to a maximum of 15 minutes, in order to prevent frostbite,
  • before using the disposable ice pack, be sure the area to treat has been cleaned,
  • keep in mind the instant cool pack is disposable, so you can use it only once.

Dispotech was the first to patent the disposable instant ice pack.

Applications of instant ice packs

Instant and disposable ice packs are used when you need to perform cryotherapy in the medical, dental, sport and home sector, so it is sold even in the mass retail sector; the product is easy to use and do not require any particular expertise. Watch this video! Instant cool packs proved to be one of the easiest and quickest way to relieve pain after small injuries.


Customize your disposable ice pack

On request, the bag of the instant cool pack can be customized with your logo and your graphics. Get in touch with us to ask for more information or request a free quote for small and big orders.