Disposable Medical Gloves

Dispo Gloves

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Disposable medical gloves are the best solution as far as hygiene and practicality are concerned in the medical field as well as in the dental sector as they help prevent cross-contamination between caregivers and patients.

As a matter of fact, disposable medical gloves protect the wearer from biohazards, chemicals, and potentially dangerous substances either in a healthcare facility like a hospital or in any other situation where contamination hazards are likely to happen.

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10 cases of 100 pcs

Product available for the following sectors:
Medical Mass retail

What kinds of disposable medical gloves can you find at Dispotech?

Dispotech supplies disposable medical gloves in two different versions: 

  • very fine elastic nitrile gloves that guarantee high comfort levels
  • natural latex powder-free supergrip gloves

Both versions are available in only one colour, white, and in four sizes: XS, S, M, and L. Each package contains ten cases with 100 pieces each.


In need of custom disposable medical gloves?

If that is the case, you might be interested in our Private Label Service which allows you to customize your medical devices, including disposable medical gloves, by:

  • changing packaging, format and size
  • by printing your logo or brand name on them


Ready-to-use disposable medical gloves

Being a Class I medical device, disposable medical gloves are one of the most used products in the healthcare field as they protect hands from any kind of hazard. 

Not only do disposable medical gloves prevent cross-contamination between patients and professionals, but they also offer hand protection when handling various sensitive or hazardous things in a medical environment.

As such, it is necessary that all disposable medical gloves are:

  • comfortable
  • ready to use
  • easy to be disposed of 

On top, Dispo Gloves do not need even to be sterilised after each application.